Come Hang Out In The Corners With Nadia Bolz-Weber

“God, please help me not be an asshole, is about as common a prayer as I pray in my life.” - Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz-Weber is the author of three NYT bestselling memoirs: Pastrix; The Cranky, Beautiful Faith Of A Sinner & Saint (2013), Accidental Saints; Finding God In All The Wrong People (2015) and SHAMELESS; A Sexual Reformation (2019).

She writes and speaks about personal failings, addiction, grace, faith, and really whatever the hell else she wants to. She always sits in the corner with the other weirdoes.

“It may feel as though some of us have been relegated to the corners, but here’s the thing: from the corners, I can see the whole room. I love the corners. I always have. It is where I will always choose to sit, because I love outcasts, queers and the girls who talk too loud.  I love humor that comes out of lives that have not been easy. I love sober drunks, single dads, sex workers and the guy who lost a leg in the war. These are my people.

So here’s what I hope: that what is posted here is water, God willing, for those planted in the corners”.


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“And this is it. This is the life we get here on earth. We get to give away what we receive. We get to believe in each other. We get to forgive and be forgiven. We get to love imperfectly. And we never know what effect it will have for years to come. And all of  it…all of  it is completely worth it.” - Nadia Bolz-Weber (Accidental Saints)