JTIOT, January edition (part 2)

Invitation to The corners, where to find me, and pop-culture post-script!

Hey friends,

Invitation to join me in The Corners

The Corners, my on-line publication and community is launching TOMORROW with an essay about why I chose that name and what my hopes are for that space, as well as a live discussion thread. If you missed it earlier, you can read more about why I have started this new venture here.  It’s important to me that anyone who wants to can participate, so I will reiterate that we are offering 50% discounts and even totally free subscriptions to those with limited finances. Just email shamelessmediallc@gmail.com and we will hook you up. It has been an honor to provide this for over 130 folks so far! If you prefer to get only this monthly newsletter - that’s totally cool - I’m so grateful for your interest - but if you’d like to join us for more, click below or email for a free subscription! 

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I completely forgot to add the last two sections of my newsletter earlier this week, so here they are:

Where to find me:

Friday Jan 17th 6:30p – preaching at New Beginnings Lutheran Church (inside the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility) Denver, Colorado

Sunday Feb 9th 6p – preaching at St John Cathedral’s  Wilderness service  Denver, Colorado

Wednesday Feb 12th 7p-8p  -  lecture Texas Lutheran University Seguin, Texas

Sunday March 1st 4:30p – lecture Christ Church Cranbrook, Michigan

Pop-culture Post-script

Honest to God, the Netflix docu-series, CHEER is completely worth watching. There is a lot to love about it and the kids’ stories are compelling and heartbreaking and inspiring all at once. Episodes 5 and 6 made me cry.

This Hidden Brain podcast about how intense emotions change our behavior is worth listening to.  It was humbling to hear how difficult it is to always act the way we want to. I mean, I knew that already, but here’s some explanation as to why.

This article about negativity in relationships made me realize some things that were rough, but helpful.

This Instagram post by Lizzo. What a difference 10 years can make.

OK, that’s it for now. 

See you in The Corners. 

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