Let's hang out in The Chapel!

Join me and hundreds of other "spiritual misfits" for our pop-up chapel.

Thank you so much for being part of The Corners!

This will continue to be where you can find my writing. But I want to offer a bigger table for us - a place for prayer, connection and conversation - so I also invite you into The Chapel:

“all are welcome . . . just don’t be an asshole”

Friends, I want to invite you to join me and hundreds of other spiritual misfits in The Chapel, our own private, social network where we can meet each other, pray together, develop connections, and have some great conversations (and all without a tech-giant selling our personal data or interrupting us with obnoxious ads). It’s a big, messy, courageous experiment - but imagine an on-line space where people are offered grace, where we agree to assign positive intent to the words of others, where no one has to believe the same things, where God is spoken of, questioned, pleaded to, and praised in many names.

Find your seat in The Chapel. We’ve been hoping you’d show up!

Join The Chapel today!

What to expect:

  • Exclusive Content — As the founder, I will be posting and commenting throughout the week, and I host Daily Prayer once or twice a month. I will also be offering regular videos of conversations between me and various writers, thinkers, activists, and artists and posting them exclusively in The Chapel. (Don’t miss my live-streamed conversation with Anne Lamott at 5p Pst May 29th!)

  • Daily Prayer — Daily Prayer (starting at 3 days a week, MWF). Daily Prayer will be live (9a PST/noon EST), brief, interactive, and led by various people each month, hosted by Matthew David Morris

  • Conversation — The Book Club reads a new book each month. For May, we are reading Anne Lamott’s newest book, Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage, and live-streaming an exclusive interview with her and Nadia at the end of the month. Your host for the book club is none other than Kaitlin Curtice, author of Native: Identity, Belonging and Rediscovering God.

  • Connection — Topics, Interests, and Groups. Anyone can create a post in the Chapel and tag it with topics, such as grace, freedom, prayer, recovery, decolonization, anti-racism. LGBTQIA+, and so many others to choose from. Members can choose interests, like theology, church, and music, and connect with others who share those interests. Groups are location based, so you can meet others in your region.

    Join The Chapel today!


If you're not paying for a product, you *ARE* the product. Facebook groups are great for connecting folks, but that platform is "free" because they use it to sell our attention and data to the highest bidder. In protest of that model, The Chapel will be funded through subscriptions. This allows us to gather without ads, without our data being sold, and it allows for people to be paid for their work!  

The Chapel is set up as a 'those who can pay do and those who can’t need not have to' model. So if a paid membership isn't right for you, we’ll happily give you free access. Really. Totally free for anyone in need. Or discounted for those who want to pay less. Just shoot us an email here for a free subscription: chapelsubscriptions@gmail.com.

For those who CAN afford to pay, the subscription fee is $6.99 a month. Or get two months free by paying $69.99 in advance for a year’s subscription. (We donate 10% of net profits to support nonprofits.)

Join us for a 3-day free trial either way.

You (most likely) won’t regret it.

Join us!