Sunday Prayers November 29th, 2020

rescue me from self-obsession edition

Dear God of all beings, 

This pandemic is making my life so small that I am thinking of myself way more than I should. So for today, I send my prayers out on behalf of others and not myself. May my prayers connect me to them THROUGH you – like gossamer floss threaded through a divine needle.  

I pray calm for all who are struck with terror every time they cough, or a loved one coughs or someone passing them in the supermarket coughs.

I pray healing for those sick with COVID. 

I pray rest for exhausted nurses, doctors and other heroes I don’t always think about like the hospital laundry workers and cafeteria cooks.

I pray comfort for the lonely. 

I pray rescue for the evicted.

I pray solace for the grieving. (And I’m sure you already know this Lord, but that’s basically everyone on the planet right now. Grief is the baseline for all of us. No more taking turns.)

I pray the gift of increased generosity in those who have more.

I pray mercy for the incarcerated and all who love them.

I pray fortitude for those who never ever thought they’d be homeschooling small children and are losing their minds.

I pray wisdom for our leaders.

I pray humility for the powerful. 

I pray compassion for clergy and counselors and everyone else who is doing emotional and spiritual triage for others and yet are also deeply affected by the pandemic in their own quiet ways. 

And for all of us, more joy please. Every tiny bit of joy possible during this shit-show. Amen.

Join me each Sunday for a 15-min Advent Prayer service!

I love Advent.

And I miss church.

So I’m inviting everyone to join me at my kitchen table for a short Advent service each Sunday (starting tonight!) 8-8:15p EST. All are welcome. Not need to believe the same things I do.

Prayer, poem, mini-sermon, candle lighting and 2 verses of O Come Emmanuel sung by my friend Rachel Kurtz. If you are Lutheran, you may know her! (A single mother of three whose whole income was basically wiped out - visit her website to buy her amazing music or if you’d like to help a mama out her venmo is @iamrachelkurtz)

Grab your candles and join me on my Instagram Live. (Just go to my Instagram page and you’ll see my profile pic (circle at the top left with my photo) say “live” when I start. Just click and you’re in!

For what, where, and whom do the people of God pray? 

Comments are open. (But don’t be an asshole.)

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